Omni Channel Customer Experience

Understand what customers want to do, design personal and memorable customer experiences and use that knowledge to offer seamless customer service, irrespective of channel or device.

We help create continuity across customer journey with real-time, contextual insights over any channel and help achieve cost savings with increased productivity and higher first contact resolution.


Other Non Voice Channels

We offer your customers choice and convenience. We help you setup and run non-voice channel customer services - be it chat, social media, messaging, mobile or email while maintaining a high quality of customer service across these channels.

We support our clients to setup and run other non-voice channel customer services be it email, chat, instant messaging or social media depending on what is considered prime by your customers as means of communication.


Kiosk Queue Management

We help streamline customer journeys while making every customer interaction matter in Government, Telecom, Banks, Healthcare, Education and Retail industries .

We have developed and integrated Digital Channels in-house for Telcos and delivered Digital Solutions for Telecoms in Africa.


Speech Recognition

Our advanced interactive voice response (IVR) systems use speech recognition technology to allow customers to interact with the system by speaking instead of pushing buttons.

In partnership with Uniphore, we can analyze 100% calls with automated Speech Analytics.


Dynamic IVR

We are enabling businesses to deliver truly personalized experiences by intelligently and dynamically routing calls with the IVR.

We have increased IVR resolution% from 40-45% levels to 75% and above with deployment of dynamic IVR.


Instant Messaging

Our agents use chat technology to communicate instantaneously both externally and internally through proactive chat, reactive chat, internal instant messaging, collaborative browsing, click-to-talk and customer service chat.

We have Instant messaging CRM tools that allow our agents to serve customers interactively through WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger or Viber.



Our highly motivated and engaged team agents not only positively represent your brand and message but also ensure retaining your customers.

Our Gamification application with game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts, enhances productivity, learning, employee recruitment and evaluation and more.



Customers expect quick responses to simple questions and 24/7 support. Our Technology platform is enabled with BOT capabilities with multi channel integrations that can handle initial interaction with customers.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine learning our chatbots tackle general communications tasks leaving more time for our agents to truly deliver exceptional service to their customers for high-touch interactions.


Visual IVR

Automated and personalized services are combined to delight customers, drive sales and deliver greater modern customer experiences. Your customers can schedule a call-back at a more convenient time.

Our Visual IVR support platform reduces in-bound call volume, reduces average handle time and enables business agility through easy to use tools and rapid deployment processes.


Video Chat

We add a human touch to the online customer support with services like live video

Our capability in Video Chat results in boosting sales, reducing shopping cart abandonment and guides customers through the purchasing process real-time.