2021 RoadMap for the Customer Experience Industry

Date 26-03-2021

Last year was an unprecedented time in the history of mankind. No one could fathom the hows, whats, and whens of the businesses at the time. It was about peaceful survival and not professional thriving.

All plans, strategies, logic, blueprints, deadlines, and ideas went in vain because of the emergence of ‘Covid-Era’. Due to the pandemic, a huge chunk of youth was left stranded behind in terms of opportunities around the globe, be it education, job, health, or overall lifestyle.

Did you know? Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of business enterprises were on the verge of permanently shutting down. And almost half of the planet's 3.3 billion global workforces were at the edge of losing their livelihoods.

COVID- 19 has hit the third world countries where it hurts the most. The most decimated jobs were on the verge of hazard for countless professionals. As the breadwinners of the family continued to lose their jobs or get sick, the economic and food security of millions came under threat with those in low-income countries, particularly the populations that are marginalized encompassing indigenous communities, who were affected the worst!

As we are recovering from the testing times, we need a well-thought roadmap for the year 2021, for our professional pursuits. From government to healthcare, to media, to research, this applies to all sectors of today. But since we are inclined towards the customer experience sector, let’s dig in deep to discuss and formulate a legit roadmap for a challenge-ready and progressive 2021.

Promising Social Media Management

The social media wave might have left businesses scrambling with the significant funds, governance arrangements, or expertise to competently build and execute an in-house strategy for social media.
It will certainly be the service provider’s duty to ensure that the best of the best technology is sourced, with modern technology's assistance. A proficient customer experience provider may assist a firm to focus on trading and thriving their business while keeping an eye on the social media aspects, hence adding to the infrastructure, processes, and technology, in order to understand the client data analytics for reverting accordingly later on.

Investing in Cloud Computing

Technically, cloud computing can be defined as the services all over the internet, such as servers, software, databases, networking, storage, server development platforms, etc, often called 'the cloud,’ which indicates the delivery of on-demand computing resources.

Easy access and use are some of the major factors for investing in cloud computing. It is a fairly creative technology that lets in greater flexibility for businesses. They are chiefly two objectives that all companies keep an eye on namely momentum and efficiency. Hence, cloud computing has not only provided businesses an innovative technology for boosting performance and productivity but has also made the workings much more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Quick and accurate reporting is yet another enticing attribute of the Customer Experience Industry. The internet network service providers gifted with creative and innovative computing techniques let one focus on the substance of the company. At the same time, they ensure to take care of the rest. With cloud computing, providing superior speed and efficiency, one can rest at the top!

Add Artificial Intelligence

The Nemertes Research Study congregated a success faction covering companies that were known to possess the best metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in revenue boosts, cost decreases, and/or rating boosts while adopting artificial intelligence (AI) for their client engagement leads. The success group had 50% of its members using omnichannel.
The study garnered success in terms of customer rating improvements. When the institutions started using AI, that too without omnichannel, about 37% advancement in customer ratings was observed. But when they switched to AI blended with omnichannel, the customer ratings boosted by a staggering 104%. It’s apparent that customers and agents alike appreciate and celebrate enormous gains as omnichannel decides to incorporate communications channels.

Foster Omnichannel communication

Omnichannel connection centers can be characterized as the ones that provide an exceptional client experience that makes one return for more in the future.
An effective and integrated omnichannel is a customer service strategy that can procure organizations the momentum to go ahead of their competition now, and also to stay ahead well into the future.
When administered accurately, a decent omnichannel customer experience is seamless and it eventually mounts up long-term customer loyalty, as concerns settle perfectly. Read on to know
the four fundamentals of efficient omnichannel customer experience.

Closely Fused Channels
When consumers try to connect via phone, mail, text, or communicate via another inbound channel, in omnichannel, the agents may naturally discern the whole service journey and then concede and then approach the subject accordingly.

Smart Routing
Omnichannel's ability to link data and personal information of the customers from different sources of intercommunication is commendable. When applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tools) stay blended with client service systems, a smart call router could be used to use customer details to give customers to the most suitable agent.

Best Incorporated Applications
Using pre-built integrations for rendering integrations adopting APIs, the relevant communication center solutions could be formulated to fit in one’s system.
Honestly, incorporation should occur when the channel is on the verge of launching for an ideal and accurate customer experience.

Assembling data along the consumer journey
Though omnichannel service communications go with the flow leading to a novel client experience, enhanced ratings, and cemented brand reputation; while they support the customer from channel to channel, gathering data along the way. When people tend to move about from social media to chat to yet another channel, their history along with account details also tends to go along magically. This is why they don't have to start over again.


By 2025, the global outsourcing industry is expected to reach $332.4 billion. Hence, the natural post-pandemic outlook of the customer experience industry is simply positive exponential growth. Working cost-effectively while being in healthy competition with other outsourcing companies is going to fuel growth and accelerated betterment in the industry.

Though the industry will witness cost-cutting by companies, in 2021, it will proceed to thrive by 6 percent yearly for the next six years.
Automation will forever be a threat to the lesser skilled jobs in the industry.

While the industry keeps on seeking help from enhanced transparency in international outsourcing policies, let's invite 2021 with a hope for a better and brighter future.