ABOUT iSON Xperiences

Our Growth Story

iSON Xperiences is a specialist in proactive customer engagement and customer xperience management, partnering with leading brands to optimize their customer xperience, revenue generation and business process management across the enterprise. Our dedicated and talented workforce spread across Sub-Saharan African countries, along with India and Myanmar, are redefining the way people connect with enterprises. In less than a decade, we have grown into a global business and this is our growth story.


To be a best-in-class, dynamic and innovative customer experience and process management corporation of global repute.

To provide an environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect to all stakeholders.

To create significant value for our customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and the communities we operate in.

To develop “customers for life” by earning their loyalty by anticipating, listening and responding to their needs.


As a service provider, we will lead by championing “inclusive growth”.

Our success will always go hand-in-hand with the prosperity of our customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and communities.

We will earn and safeguard the respect of the larger community through our relentless pursuit of excellence.

To achieve this, we will internalize our core values.

Core values



We will champion individuals, for it is they who make a company with total commitment and passion.. For us, the personal is professional.



Speed is of essence and therefore we will always be quick – in responding, in decision-making, in implementation and in reporting.



Ethics are sacrosanct. We will always remain true, honest and transparent in all our dealings and abide by the laws of the lands and communities we operate in.



We will pursue excellence in serving our internal and external customers by offering a superior experience each time, in every situation.



We will strive for diversity and also serve the marginalised and differently-abled sections of the society by empowering them with knowledge and job opportunities.


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