ABOUT iSON Xperiences

Our Growth Story

iSON Xperiences is a specialist in proactive business process outsourcing and custom partnering with leading brands to optimize their customer experience, revenue generation, and business process management across the enterprise. Our dedicated and talented workforce spread across Sub-Saharan African countries, along with India and Myanmar, is redefining the way people connect with enterprises. Within a short time, span and limited resources, we have grown into a global business and this is our how we became one of the leading business process outsourcing firms.


We work simply to be a top-notch, dynamic, and creative customer experience and process management corporation of reputation all across the globe. To provide an environment of trust, cooperation, and mutual respect to all stakeholders. We create great value for our customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and the communities we operate in. To gain “customers for life” by winning their trust and faith by expecting, listening, and working as per their guidelines and requirement,


As a leading BPO service provider, we will lead by achieving “prominent growth”. Talking about our customer, it will always go hand-in-hand with the benefit of our customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and communities. We will gain and secure the honor of the larger community through our continuous pursuit of excellence. To gain this, we will emphasize our core values.

Core values



We train individuals, as they are someone who make a company with total hard work and passion. For us, the personal is professional. Also, they act fuel in driving business



As an organization, we adapt to the market changes easily and always works in a direction to follow the latest trends and technologies. We always speed up in responding, reporting, decision making and most importantly in implementing!



Ethics are sacred. And, as an organization, we always remain truthful, honest, and transparent in all our actions and dealings and abide by the laws of the geographies and communities we operate in.



We always pursue excellence in serving our national, international, internal, and external customers by offering a supreme customer experience each time, in every situation, be it any.



We always try hard for diversity and also serve the marginalized and differently-abled sections of the society by empowering them with knowledge. Education, training and job opportunities.


Business Process Management BPM Services

Industries we serve

We at iSON Xperiences works with mid to Large-sized businesses, and some of the famous firms offering services or products straight away to the customers or other business leaders. Our current client base includes industries like telecom, BFSI, energy, and utilities, media and entertainment, government, retail, aviation, and e-commerce. At iSON, we try hard to provide high-top-notch BPO&BPM services to both international, offshore, and national clients spanning a wide variety of demographics. We seek to assist small and mid-sized companies by offering them affordable outsource staffing to meet their changing needs as they climb the stairs of success.

We care about our people

With us, #workatiSON means a sound, safe and, a respectful work environment that supports our employees as well as their families. Besides, we offer highly beneficial values and versatile programs that are concerned regarding:

  • Professional and personal growth
  • Employee wellness
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Mental wellness

And give it back to the customers

From environmental stability to volunteering, we always try to be great corporate folks and enthusiastic contributors in the communities where we work and live a peaceful living!

Our partnership with global experts

To achieve the desired goals or needs as per the client, we don’t do it alone as we have a team of experts by our side offering off-shore business process outsourcing. Our global group of professionals merges scaling range and industry experience with hands-on various technical expertise. So the client can get outcomes accurately and fast. And, at ISON, we never stop innovating and creating new opportunities, overcoming the challenges.

About Us

iSON Xperiences is a prominent player in customer experience management. With a presence in 16 countries (Pan Africa & India) through 36 delivery centers, it has been managing customer interactions for a few of the world’s most renowned brands. At iSON, we combine human efforts with technology to deliver exceptional customer service with the help of a strong +14000 workforce. Other than offering BPM services, we have a strong presence in the Telecom industry with substantial roads in BFSI/Fintech/Ecommerce and DTH. Our mission is to build long-term relationships by exceeding customer expectations through our principle of business. Additionally, we chase excellence in assisting our clients by offering an extraordinary experience each time, in every situation. And, we assure you that we can meet all your criteria and would satisfy all your work needs. Here, we develop intelligent operations, for digitally-powered business process management and data solutions guaranteeing sky-scraping returns through business agility, productivity, and growth!