ISON Xperiences Determined to Fight COVID-19

Dear ISON Family,
We are all aware of the completely unusual situation prevailing Globally due to outbreak of Novel COVID-19 Pandemic and I can, only, pray and hope that current situation passes peacefully for all of us and our families.
The criticality of our situation is that over 85% of the services that we provide globally are to Telecom & Media companies. Smooth functioning of these services is extremely critical in current times. Some Governments, including India, have declared the Call Centers operating for these segments as ‘Essential Services’.
While I am not there with all of you and am trying to manage it remotely from the Head Quarter in Dubai, I can imagine how challenging and hard the situation is for all of you. However, I am also confident that with a Group of committed executives like ours who are completely dedicated, responsible, sincere and passionate talents like you, we would be able to overcome this very difficult situation.
I know that all of you have been handling the situation extremely well. I am sending this note to thank all our frontline heroes for standing and serving our clients’ business in such difficult conditions. Our trust in you is endless. Honestly, It inspires me personally…. It is, not only me, who count on you, our Clients also do and our Investors as well.
We really appreciate the immense role you all are playing. Keep rocking and just keep in mind that safety, security and good health for all of you is foremost for which taking best possible precautions are paramount and we will always be around to support you in whatever way we can.
Need also to thank your families for supporting us thru you at this time so that you are able to continue to operate under such difficult conditions.
I and the Corporate Team express our sincere gratitude towards all of you. You are doing a great job and adding amazing contribution to ISON family’s progress.
Thank You All
All the best.
Pravin Kumar