How does Agent Empowerment drive Customer Delight?

Date 01-06-2022

Agent empowerment is fundamental in the CX Management process, especially since the
recent pandemic saw Agents having to face sharply rising query volumes, increasing
customer anxiety, having to adapt to a remote work environment; not to mention how the
acceleration of digital adoption has placed a 24/7 consumer-demand on businesses. 
According to a recent report,   Business leaders have recognised that Agent burn-out poses a
real threat to the overall Customer experience and have therefore begun to leverage
technology and AI platforms to empower Agents to better serve their customers.  

Root Cause Analysis Holds the Key

Practicing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a tried and tested way of empowering your Contact
Centre Agents. Root cause analysis is a method of problem solving, used for identifying the
root cause of an issue and therefore identifying appropriate solutions. Not only does it
effectively help deal with the issue at hand but also provides ways to prevent them
reoccurring in the future. RCA is an effective way of providing Agents with techniques to
satisfy Customer queries productively and efficiently.

Enhance Speed by Eliminating Redundant Tasks

By employing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), redundant and repetitive tasks that
contact centre agents are required to do on an everyday basis can be eliminated, such as
ticket classification, balance enquiries, recording customer data, etc. In this way, Agents are
able to use their more meaningful and critical skills to building a rapport with the customer
to expedite the resolution of any issues, or conclude a sale, thereby enhancing the customer
experience and satisfaction. Other benefits of RPA are accuracy, security and increased
speed to process time allocated tasks, saving at least 1.2 hours/day. 

Keep your employees connected when they are working remotely

As hybrid working models become the norm, it important to ensure Contact Centre Agents
stay connected and feel part of the team, even when they are working remotely. Not only
do they need to connect with Customers, but they need to constantly engage and
collaborate with their management and team members.
Platforms such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams provide powerful engagement
software with native collaboration tools that can connect with individuals and large groups,
allowing video, chat and document sharing.

At iSON Xperiences we offer a great deal of Customer services, across a wide set of sectors
and disciplines and strive to offer unmatched experiences to Customers. However, we also
recognise that it’s vital that Contact Centre Agents remain happy, motivated and fully
enabled to support and delight your customers.