How IoT impacts Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Date 14-04-2021

The term 'Customer Experience' has been the latest buzzword on the marketing lane. We are well aware of the fact that an unstructured customer experience may put a dent in the growth of revenue, whereas a strategized customer experience certainly solves that problem. This is why customer experience management is important.

Did you know? Customer experience management influences both service providers as well as consumers. Unfortunately, it is often seen that this service's quality gets worse over time.

Since iSON has a team of talented professionals, we have been crowned as the specialists in the industry, and we can vouch for the fact that there is only one way to get things sorted. Either go for modern approaches, promising technologies, and treat clients well, or your business goes awry. As simple as that.

In this cut-throat competitive scenario, the expense of failure is way too high. This is why the customer experience is directly proportional to the odds of success.

What is IoT?

IoT or the Internet Of Things refers to the hastily evolving and growing network of connected devices that can accumulate and exchange data in real-time with embedded sensors. For example, thermostats, automobiles, lights, refrigerators, and many more appliances can be easily connected to the loT.

The IoT is vast and can encompass an overwhelming amount of information.

Some of the interesting applications of IoT can be smart homes, connected cars, wearables, and smart cities.

IoT surprisingly has a special place among the ways of boosting customer experience. Remember when online shopping was nothing more than a mystery. But people around the world are shopping stuff online without batting an eyelash. Something similar is predicted to occur to IoT shortly. So, this the right time to hop on board to join this technology, and get the most out of its perks.

IoT can be one of the best ways to reach maximum efficiency, decrease costs and make productivity skyrocket. The management of operations along with comprehending client behaviour can become a smooth ride with the introduction of IoT in the customer experience industry. It can further induce new business opportunities, by assembling important data, which can pave the way for personalized interaction with clients with superior satisfaction. This will eventually lead to newer revenue streams, enhanced monitoring, and a better operational system.

Since the significance of customer experience can never be overestimated, let's excavate the means of enhancing the customer experience and customer service. And see how IoT can help to better the customer experience.

  • Around the clock availability and self-service
  • As we are progressing towards a technologically driven future it is not a shocker to have self-service be the sole controller of the device.
    In other words, the devices will be interacting, supporting, and working with the customers with ease from now onwards.

    The Harvard Business Review suggested that the customer service in this era of IoT will handle the needs of clients on their own, and will take place on the device itself.

    The assembled data with rep blended with a predictive analysis appointment might occur in the future.

  • Improved Security
  • Naturally and understandably, clients are protective of their data, which is why it is significant to have safeguarding to the highest degree. As per past instances, hackers have caused all kinds of ruckus. This is why contact centers have to keep an eye on unauthorized users availing access to IoT devices, else there may be backlash from clients.

    But the implementation of IoT for security has considerably improved the level of safety by many folds.

    The contemporary new-age IoT ecosystems are quite complicated. To forward important data over the network to backends as well as cloud applications, the devices and machines may be linked virtually.

    Though the risk of security is virtually present at all times, there are still many lesser humans with great skills who use the system's weakness to their benefit.

    Sadly due to extensive variation in IoT, no fixed cybersecurity solution can strongly safeguard the IoT arrangement.

    The primary procedure for any IoT business is to go through a security jeopardy assessment that checks for loopholes in machines, interface systems, and customer backend operations.

    The probable hazard must be lessened for the cumulative IoT ecosystem of the arrangement, primarily while it ascends and develops geographically.

  • Giving birth to a proactive support model through analytics
  • Assembled data blended with predictive analytics will open doors for customer
    experience to go way beyond plain automation.
    The customer's issues could then be resolved especially based on intentions, direction, status, and practical functionality.

    This birth of intelligent support will facilitate the efforts on this basis of data and pre-defined automated process.

    This permits machines to promptly get in touch with the backing and hence eliminates the possibility of human interference.

    The support will proactively pay heed to the issue and make necessary efforts based on your requirement and inform the customer about the outcome.

  • Welcoming automation
  • The best boon to IoT is automation, which is the perfect aid for customer support in this technologically advanced era.

    The automation system has the power to easily track down the tools and devices in an IoT system while rendering a platform for resolving the issues.

    This helps eliminate the human intervention layer and preserve the customer service provider when real human intervention is much needed.


    IoT is here to stay, although it may be hidden in the smog of upcoming innovations at the moment. Technically, IoT technology is not perfect. But it certainly holds a secure and potential future. The onset of the IoT omnichannel customer experience revolution is certainly gaining momentum in today's world. Its remarkable potential is certainly bound to affect industries, organizations, and brands significantly, resulting in improved customer experience for the businesses soon. All in all, IoT is going to be the answer to not just customer experiences, but also an array of industries in the future.