iSON Xperiences takes majority control of Credit Solutions Services (CSS) South Africa

Date 14-04-2022

iSON Xperiences, and financial recovery service provider, CSS Credit Solutions Services (CSS), have partnered together to bring tailormade business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions across the globe. Both companies are extensively experienced and skilled in developing and implementing new-age, innovative customer experience management solutions and credit management solutions, and will work to grow key markets of South Africa, Egypt, UK, the USA, India, and Europe.

“At the core of the joint venture is merging the qualities and powerful capabilities of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, people and process management to create synergies in valuable end-to-end credit management and customer experience services. iSON Xperiences and CSS bring together a mutual collaboration of resources, expertise and complimentary learnings, which are leveraged to deliver a growing demand of specialist services in the banking, telecommunications, retail and financial services industries,” says Pravin Kumar, Global CEO of iSON Xperiences.

Expansion into the Pan-African and global markets

iSON Xperiences is a leading multinational customer service provider, with a workforce of over 18,000 team members across 18 countries. The company has key expertise in customer lifecycle management, including voice and non-voice contact centre solutions and back-office operations. In addition to the telecommunications and financial services sectors, the company operates in the fintech, retail, insurance, travel and hospitality but not limited to consumer goods sectors. CSS has, over the past 24 years, operated in the South African financial services & retail sectors, primarily offering outsourced financial recovery services, technology based call centre solutions, automated robotic document management, and legal processing services.

The business partnership, which has been financed by Investec Bank Limited South Africa, enables iSON Xperiences to further strengthen its presence in South Africa, by providing extensive customer services, solidifying contact centre facilities, and harnessing local talent to grow business in the Pan-African business landscape. Concurrently CSS will be empowered to expand beyond the South African market now that the company is part of a multinational group of companies present in 18 geographies. This exposes CSS to an abundance of resources, technological capabilities, big geographical reach and extensive experience within the structure of iSON Xperiences as a leading BPO service provider.

“The new partnership enables CSS to integrate into existing infrastructure across both the Pan-African market and also globally. It affords us the opportunity to continue to deliver exceptional services, enter new verticals, and extend our services to both existing and prospective clients,” says Guy Brooks, Chairman of CSS.

Delivering unconventional tailormade solutions for customers

iSON Xperiences and CSS’ complementary values, services and operations, shared interests and their passion for people and technology give this strategic partnership the potential to create world-class service delivery. In addition to the collective resources and expertise, the companies look forward to developing applications that add value across different markets. Within the next year, the partners anticipate optimizing the best of Artificial Intelligence to harness big data and technology for more informed strategic decision making.

“Our collective expertise places us in a unique position to create both unconventional customer and credit experiences. We will be developing new-age innovative applications that our markets can benefit from, but most importantly now with shared knowledge of iSON Xperiences, we will be able to better understand & cater for the immediate needs of our clients,” says Brooks.
“Using strategic investment in the areas of Customer Experience and new-age delivery models, business development and relationship management, multi-geographic global operations, as well as P&L delivery and business ownership, we aim to disrupt conventional markets in the BPO sector,” adds Kumar.

The benefit for small-to-medium enterprises

Cost-effective and well managed services are of paramount importance to the customer lifecycle management, which services iSON Xperiences and CSS can capably uphold. This is especially so in the SME market, as well as large scale enterprises which depend on developing consumer-centric and personalized services to gain a competitive advantage. With an unrelenting commitment to deliver the best service and retain clients, the partnership between CSS and iSON Xperiences looks to provide local SMEs with intellectual property and technological solutions which distinguishes them apart from their peers in the market.

“We understand that every business has specific needs and believe that “a one size fits all” approach is not effective in delivering successful returns for our clients and therefore we provide “tailormade credit solutions”. We are very excited about integrating our human development and technological innovation pillars with the dynamic expertise of iSON Xperiences’ customer experiences management,” says Brooks.

CSS’ has human capital of over 750 specialists in their field, and all are supported by world-class technological and physical infrastructure that will help the firm expand into global and untapped African markets, while iSON Xperiences expands their vision of becoming one of the largest BPO and business process management organizations in South Africa, concludes Kumar and Brooks.