Taking advantage of our comprehensive data and analytics coupled with optimised training, transforms the sales arm of your business resulting in improved performance in sales and service and higher EBITDA.

Our strategies have helped organizations to achieve lucrative and impressive sales in a period of 12 months.

Inbound Sales Call Center

Inbound Sales

iSON Xperiences specializes in maximizing the sales potential of service calls by focusing and prioritizing the end-customer's needs. We use analytics and intelligent decision-making tools to make solution-oriented sales.

By turning problem-oriented customer conversations into solution-oriented sales we open up this untapped route of growth for your organization.

Unified Agent Desktop

Outbound Sales

With our insights we can precisely predict what, when how and why customers are going to buy. Outbound calls are made for new customer acquisition based on analysis: their receptiveness to buy, likeliness to buy, value potential and potential is highest.

We use powerful contact center technology to collaborate with our sales agents wherein the dialer dials in the right call at the right time and the unified agent desktop throws all information from buying personas to individual demographics, to make the sales happen.

Tele Sales

Tele Sales

Tele Sales has been a very effective channel of increasing sales revenues for organizations. By optimizing email, web chat and online self-service tools, we empower businesses to utilize the most effective sales solutions.

We have been generating substantial Tele Sales or Outbound revenues for our clients and our per-agent revenues has been in excess of USD 2500/- per month. Our clients rely on our innovative Tele Sales programs to drive revenue generation from time to time.