South Africa's rising BPO industry

Date 14-04-2021

With the growth of a consistent CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast, the BPO industry in South Africa is estimated to be worth USD 3.6 billion by 2027. The secret to the emergence of more and more BPO's in South Africa is the unconditional national government support. Overall operational flexibility blended with governmental aid has considerably elevated the standard of the BPO industry. This has led to the contribution of bringing in a myriad of clients from different parts of the planet.

Unfortunately, the overall cost of telecommunication solutions and services seems to be one of the biggest hurdles for the market growth. The costlier telecommunication solutions and services have nudged the national government, stakeholders, IT and telecom corporations to work together and drive the cumulative market growth. Only then South Africa can sustain being the preferred destination for global outsourcing in the world for a long time.

Just like all other industrial sectors, the world of call centre outsourcing also encountered commotion and turmoil, in the operational aspect, due to the pandemic. Following the COVID-19 measures during the lockdown, hampered the functionality and business continuity of countless bpo service providers. But the BPO in South Africa were quick on their feet and smoothly started following the remote working model, lending them an edge over many others. This not only helped them retain their clients but also brought in new ones across the globe!

Customer service has also helped in curating a lifeline for the youngsters in South Africa, to help them become financially stable. As of 31st December 2020, over 100 bpo service providers, have offered job opportunities to about 272,000 individuals during the lockdown. Isn't that remarkable?

Multiple surveys have declared Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban as the best outsourcing destinations out of many other appealing spots.

As per BPESA, about 410000 English speakers are included in the national labour workforce. This makes South Africa third among other destinations across the planet. This leads to rendering the best-in-class customer services with ease and also open doors to welcome unique clients, from various domains.

Did you know? The call centre outsourcing in South Africa is a supreme hub of multilingual professionals. From German to French, to Italian and Dutch, many of them possess the ability to converse in multiple languages. . Thanks to the effortless control over the languages, the agents of South African BPO service providers can demonstrate their emotional quotient (EQ) and not just intelligent quotient (IQ). This makes customers satisfied with the services, making them prefer BPO in South Africa more than other options. After all, they skillfully transcend the quality and standard of service of other destinations.

Did you know? South Africa has been titled the 'Outsourcing Destination of the Year' twice from 2016-2018. The wondrous biosphere of South Africa, lower cost of labour, skilled talent force has helped in establishing South Africa as one of the global call centre outsourcing destinations.

From financial services, insurance to telecommunications, the superior South African agents are experts in their domain and know their way around providing a memorable customer experience.

South Africa is also a leading spot for outsourced processes about data capture and conversion, website design and development, after-sales support, human resource functions, benefits administration, and accounting.