Telecom BPO Services

We help telecom organisations to move from transactional processing to customer lifecycle management (CLM), enabling monitoring and reduction of cost per customer while increasing ARPU & retention.

With our comprehensive BPO service offerings, telecom service providers can benefit from:

  • Improved customer acquisition and increased market share Enhanced customer satisfaction and increased customer retention
  • Reduced costs and improved profitability
  • Improved cash inflow and maximized revenue generation and reduced churn

BPO Services In Telecom Industry

Internet service providers (ISP), companies with social media services, and app-making firms are propelling telecom companies to persistently progress into new business models and creative offerings to boost customer experience and minimize customer churn. However, in the new digital arena, holding on to new customers or gaining new ones can be a challenge. Businesses struggle to monetize value-added services from customers accustomed to free Internet content. Moreover, telecom companies look for operational planning to assist their advantage in the basic value chain or traditional networks while minimizing the cost low or keeping it low. And this is when iSON Xperiences comes into the picture. With end-to-end business process management (BPM) services, iSON Xperiences enables telecom companies to develop and grow their value chain while dealing with the upcoming challenges. Our solutions deliver the best business value through the accurate blend of technology, analytics, domain, and process expertise that allows our clients to attain cost efficiencies and run sustainable growth strategies smoothly.

Choose us for your telecom business.

At iSON Xperiences, we offer telecom BPO services, that help telecom companies unleash the true capability of their value chain. Our telecom process outsourcing solutions, delivered from our contact centres all across the globe, bring you a plethora of telecom BPO services including customer care outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, finance and billing operations outsourcing along with other non-core processes and work.

Affordable and scalable results: The solutions offered at iSON Xperiences allows remarkable cost-savings to our telecommunications clients by 60 - 70%. Additionally, we promise persistent improvements in productivity graphs, automation as process improvement contributes a huge portion to additional savings.

Global Delivery model: We have a multiple-location and global agent model and having said that iSON Xperiences offers telecom BPO services that provide the clients with the best options available in the marketplace. Additionally, we create a durable delivery network that allows clients to choose the right skills and services at reasonable prices whenever available be it, onshore, nearshore, or offshore outsourcing.

Outsource your telecommunication services to add benefit to your business.

As it is quite evident that telecommunication companies are vastly competing for market share by providing similar offers including bundles or bundled schemes/plans. With competition at its peak, how does a telecom company stand apart from others? With customers being persistently greeted by your competitors; offering services for a cheap tariff, how can you confidently engage your audience, create huge brand visibility, create customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd? Well, it’s not as hard as it may seem because the key lies in offering a great customer experience and service which will eventually boost the sales revenues of your organisation. Having several years of engagement with Telecommunication business process outsourcing, at iSON Xperiences, we understand the key principles of the telecom outsourcing industry and have designed tailor-made contact centre solutions that work. We provide intelligent sales, service and technology solutions via our outbound and inbound voice and live chat solutions. For over a decade, we have assisted top telecommunication companies to gain new customers, maximize ROI by providing great services and expanding customer bases, and by productively managing the costs. Our successful and consistent track record in winning core metrics that include service levels, conversion rates, monthly recurring revenue, and average order value for our clients has made us a likely to be a business partner of choice

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No matter what your goal is, whether it is to reduce handle time, boost customer retention, improve performance management, deploy advanced technology or to improve operations to add to the customer experience, iSON Xperiences is here to partner with you on your journey.

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Now that you have gathered all the data about call centres, you must be aware of the fact that it can add value to your already flourishing business. Therefore, it’s time to put it to better use by applying real-time analytics. No matter what your goal is, either it is to reduce handle time, boost customer retention, improve performance management advanced technology and analytics can render powerful accomplishment into your call centre’s power and assist them to improve operations to add to the customer experience. So, if you are looking for the best call centre in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, or any other Sub-Saharan countries, iSON Xperiences can be the best pick amidst many call centres all across the globe! If you are willing to partner with us, do let us know via any mode of communication, our experts will assist you in no time!

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management