The importance of World Earth Day

Date 22-04-2019

Sourin Buragohain

Head of Pre Sales, iSON Xperiences


Let’s begin the article with a couple of quotes, which will put the significance of the day into the critical perspective it requires in today’s relentless modernisation context.
"For way too long the politicians and people in power have got away with not doing anything at all to fight the climate crisis and ecological crisis. But we will make sure they will not get away with it any longer."- Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old climate activist who has inspired international youth movement.

“On Earth Day, we celebrate all the gifts the world and nature make available to us. We recognize our complete dependence on its bounty. And we acknowledge the need for good stewardship to preserve its fruits for future generations.” – John Hoeven, American banker and politician serving as the senior U.S. Senator from North Dakota.
Let’s face it, admit it. Climate change is a for real and it has potential of catastrophic impact on billions of humanity and animal life across our planet Earth.
Let’s consider some more jaw dropping facts on our global environmental disaster that we are collectively creating.


  • Populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians have, on average, declined by 60% between 1970 and 2014, the most recent year with available data.
  • The Earth is estimated to have lost about half (50%) of its shallow water corals in the past 30 years.
  • A fifth of the Amazon (25%) has disappeared in just 50 years.
  • Globally, nature provides services worth around $125 trillion a year, while also helping ensure the supply of fresh air, clean water, food, energy, medicines, and much more.

It is in these contexts that the criticality of World Earth Day assumes alarming significance. We just cannot afford to sit in a corner and witness the pillage and destruction taking place in our planet in the name of development, modernization, rampant industrialization and advancement of humanity.

April 22nd, 2019 was observed as International Mother Earth Day. The main objective of “International Mother Earth Day” is to work towards agenda/s that allows mankind a peaceful coexistence with nature. The theme of World Earth Day 2019 was to “Protect Our Species”. The focus of the selected theme was on saving species which are on the verge of extinction, caused by reasons attributed to environmental pollution, climate change, global warming, deforestation, and illegal poaching.

The term “Mother Earth” implies the interdependent relationship which exists between all the species of planet earth and to acknowledge earth’s role in sustaining them all.

Various Governments and private level organisation around the globe spread awareness on environmental issues. These authorities and organisations organize various events to raise awareness on climatic changes, global warming, saving the endangered species of the world. People are also made aware to say no to herbicides and pesticides which has significant harmful effects on the environment and rather instead follow a plant-based diet. Additionally, environmental activists from multiple countries across the world organized various events, processions and held rallies on the occasion of World Earth Day to spread the awareness about saving our planet and making it the best planet to live. The focus was also made on fighting climate change, deforestation, pollution and protecting endangered species.

Why on earth a separate World Earth Day?

Life as we know till date, is only possible in Our Earth, the only planet in the whole Universe. As the above context suggests, it has become extremely critical to maintain the natural assets of the earth in order to continue life in our damaged planet. In the name of rampant modernization, profiteering, uncontrolled indsutrailization, the most intelligent creature of God , mankind, is giving up its humanity. They are forgetting to take care of the planet and its resources, that gave it life. They are using and misusing the natural resources in land, air, water, in fact everywhere, with utmost disdainful and crude manner. Hence, a day out of the whole year of 365 days, has been chosen as World Earth Day, to make the human race aware on the importance of their home, their earth, and their only planet, in the whole universe. And there is no alternative planet or star or moon where they can move out in the whole galaxy which can give them life, as Mother Earth does.

There are many ways in which mankind is damaging the planet. One of them is the depletion of the Ozone layer which saves people and the planet from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Another way is the death of rivers due to the overflow of industrial toxic materials which leads to global warming. Increasing industrialization on a daily basis leads to deforestation which ultimately leads to the rise in Earth temperature.

History of the World Earth Day

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on 22nd April 2009, declaring 22nd April as the “International Mother Earth Day”. The main aim of the resolution was to reaffirm the agenda of sustainable development and to acknowledge the role of our planet as mother earth, who nourishes, sustains and nurtures all the various species in our planet, including humans, animals, and plants.

Various steps have been taken by the governments of many countries towards the safety of earth by implementing a variety of legal rules. A group of environmental leaders organizes various events and campaigns to celebrate the earth day. A big crowd of the people gets together from 141 countries to solve the environmental issues by implementing a variety of useful measures. All over the world, people participated in demonstrations and processions with the theme of clean environment in order to build a clean and healthy world for future generations.

How can we make a difference to World Environment Day?

“International Mother Earth Day” is celebrated to promote awareness on environmental issues damaging our planet and create harmony between the Earth and its living beings. Through the activities and events organised on this date, we try to acknowledge the role of earth in sustaining and supporting life. There are actually multiple ways, small steps which can be done at individual or community level, which can go a long way in spreading awareness and making our mother Earth clean and green so that it can keep performing its motherly duties of sustaining, nurturing and nourishing its inhabitants – be it human being or other animals, living beings, trees and forests, rivers and oceans.

  1. You can volunteer to participate in various governments and non-government events on “International Mother Earth Day”.
  2. You can raise awareness as the dangers to the survival of the planet are increasing day by day. Read about Greta Thunberg, the teenager activist on climate change from Sweden in Europe. Even as a student she is taking on the Governments and large corporate on the issues on climate change and environment degradation.
  3. Please involve in afforestation drives in your area and localities. Plant as many trees as possible at all levels. Planting trees is like a panacea to our struggling and ailing mother earth.
  4. Stop using plastics and go for only bio degradable material for your shopping, packing needs. Plastics are non-bio degradable and as they cannot be destroyed they find their way to our rivers and oceans. There are instances of whales dyeing in ocean due to consumption of plastics and toxic wastes reaching and polluting the oceans.
  5. Make a promise and take a deep pledge to protect the earth and its environment, also encourage your relatives and friends to take the pledge with you. Pledge to always efrain from polluting the environment and more importantly prevent others from doing such activities.
  6. Try and become vegetarian as the Non Vegetarian industry is one of the biggest polluter or environment – bacteria, pesticides and antibiotics that are concentrated in animal flesh are also found in their faeces, and these chemicals can have catastrophic effects on the ecosystems surrounding large farms. In some countries, animals raised for food produce 130 times the excrement of the humans who live there! Much of the waste from factory farms and abattoirs flows into streams and rivers, contaminating water sources.

What we as a company did to save earth?

iSON takes pride in taking initiatives that have a social and societal impact while paving a way to holistic development and all-round welfare. iSON BPO Chennai conducted a coastal cleanup day this year to create awareness about keeping coastal regions clean.

Plastic waste and Marine debris is one primary factor that causes pollution, loss of water quality, destruction of marine habitats in surrounding areas and hazard to living beings on land as well. Our team of 55 iSONites visited Marina Beach in Chennai, India on 02nd February 2019 and tried to raise public awareness about inappropriate waste management practices while removing 300+ Kgs of waste material.

Africa is also an emerging country and many regions inside Africa also face hazard due to unclean surroundings and pollution. Our team in Africa visited a place popularly known as Sabo. The activity was called “Operation Clean Sabo community”. Our team of 50 iSONites visited their community and helped in cleaning operations cleaning everything from household garbage dumped on streets to road pavements. Some localities also joined to help clean their surroundings which marked this mission a great success in sending our message of Clean surroundings; ultimately fulfilling our vision of Save Earth.

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