why south africa for call center outsourcing?

Date 14-04-2021

By the year 2025, the cumulative demand of business process outsourcing that has been on an exponential rise is estimated to cross the mark of USD 343.2 billion, thriving at 7.4% of CAGR.

Honestly, it is not really a huge surprise, as global enterprises are forever seeking trustworthy as well as sustainable offshore outsourcing locations.

But choosing an outsourcing partner isn't exactly a walk in the park. After all, enterprises have to keep in mind a variety of factors, out of which the 'operational destination' is the priority.

Countries like the Philippines and India have been the hotspot for outsourcing for a few decades. However, since the second half of the previous, there have been many emerging locations, as an option for efficient outsourcing. Over the last 5 years, South Africa has won titles such as National Outsourcing Destination of the Year and the European Outsourcing Association Offshoring Destination of the Year. This has certainly placed South Africa as one of the best bets for offshore call center outsourcing.

After all, the country has showcased a staggering 22% annual progress in the business process outsourcing sector, which is probably more than three times of the Philippines or India. Considering all the favourable conditions the surging exponential growth of bpo in South Africa is not really startling.

Given below are some of the major factors that make South Africa an ideal destination for outsourcing

Presence of advanced technological infrastructure

Over the span of the last three years, South Africa has shown exceptional growth and has managed to surpass seven positions in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index. This reflects the fact that South Africa has become one of the most preferred places for business.

Simultaneously, the latest information and communications technology infrastructure and the trend of incorporation of next-gen technology have made South Africa’s praiseworthy climb on the Ease-of-Doing-Business index seamless.

The country is hence now prepared to deliver everything, right from cloud-based services to advanced analytics, that too at a surprisingly competitive price to the enterprises.

Cultural and geographical location

Though South Africa is endowed with rich cultural heritages and spoken languages, English is the staple official language of the corporate sector of the country. Even the government workings and parliament procedures are smoothly carried out in this medium of instruction.

The overlapping time zone with the European nations also makes it easier for the European nations in seeking necessary services. Having the affinity of time zones on your side is definitely a huge plus sign. Being healthy consumers of global entertainment like pop and Hollywood also helps.

Added to this is the naturally magnetic and mesmerized biosphere of South Africa that reels in tourists from almost all walks of life. Being easy on the eyes certainly helps in cementing the client base. Resilient, creative, compassionate, and ever-diligent, residents of South Africa also make up for a quality human resource - perfect for attending to the ordinances of clients.

Better accessibility

With a best- in class infrastructure, healthcare, education, and hospitality, visiting South Africa are quite easy thanks to its regular international and direct flights. The cost of living in Johannesburg and Cape Town is also decent - compared to other call center outsourcing hubs such as Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi where the living expense is several degrees higher!

Promising Talent Pool

According to BPESA, around 410,000 English speakers get added to the cumulative national labour force. This makes South Africa placed third in terms of global destinations, apt to back English services!

Not just English, many are multilingual, with native or near-native speakers who are well-versed in German, Dutch, French and Italian.

Having a grip over languages, South African workers are able to seamlessly deliver and exhibit emotional quotient (EQ) responses to customers, instead of robotic intelligence quotient (IQ) responses! High service levels could hence be achieved by the employees here, which match and sometimes even surpass standard service levels in many other locations.

The vast spectrum of skill sets

The South African crew is heavily capable and skilled to deliver all kinds of services- right from executive-level services all the way to more intricate and demanding back-office responsibilities.

Thanks to South Africa’s third stage system of education, the quality of human resources is top-notch! They produce chartered accountants to surgeons in mole chunks, every year!

Also, since the country's data protection laws are aligned with those in line with the ones implemented across the EU, secures yet another layer of assurance to businesses seeking offshore services. Durban and Capetown are notoriously revered for being the 'place', for telemarketing as well as retention, for corporations, across Australia and UK, seeking services!

Reasonable expenditure

Technically corporations avail outsourcing services with a tunnel vision for saving money. So, what they are really seeking is standard services but at standard or better lesser costs. After all, the cost factors as one of the major aspects in choosing the right outsourcing center. Surveys show that enterprises around the globe can marginally save up to 59% by availing services from bpo in South Africa, as per BPESA.


In this cut-throat scenario, of the industry where businesses are always looking for better options to better themselves, it is important to know ones' strengths and work on eliminating the supposed causes of weakness. South Africa as an offshoring destination, certainly brings all the quality aspects, needed for making up an ideal option, to the table. Its mesmeric, lush green biosphere doesn't hurt either. So one can even experience hiking, camping, trekking, and other activities for making memories -that too for free while in South Africa!