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Strategies of building value
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BPO Boom: The Need for Customer Interactions in the Digital Age

There has been a lot of talk around the digital boom (and AI) in the BPO industry. Contact centres and companies have been working day-in and day out in order to provide their customers with the best-in-class services. However, there is something missing. In the age of digital media and online interactions, the element of personal touch is not being given its due importance.

Most companies make use of AI-backed messages in order to interact with the masses/customers. This practice is nothing but bland. All those who have been working for a contact centre for a considerable amount of time would be well aware of the fact that the element of personal touch (during customer interactions) is of utmost importance.

Here is why customer interactions are important even in the digital age:

The Customer Wants to Interact and Express Himself:
The idea is to provide the customer with a solution that works. AI-generated dialogues and statements lack the richness that is contained in human interactions. A rich and useful human interaction is the key to success as far as customer experience management is concerned. What your customer wants is a pleasant (and unforgettable) contact centre experience that is hard to forget. He/she will drop the call if he doesn’t get the solution he’s looking for.

Customer Interactions are Personalised
Customer interactions reach their full potential when they are personalised. Computer-generated messages do no good because there is absolutely no human (emotional) interaction in the presence of these messages. A human executive, on the other hand, will listen to you thoroughly over the phone (or email messages) before reacting. The intricate details of your problem will be taken care of by the executive.

Needed for Providing Customised Solutions to Customers
Yes. The customer wants to interact with the executive while expressing himself/herself. All major issues that are being faced by the customer will require customized solutions. Well, that is because different customers face different problems. This is where human interactions will end up barging into the picture. A contact centre executive will listen to your problems and issues before suggesting a solution. That is exactly why customer interactions (and human touch) will end up coming in handy.

We, at Ison Xperiences, offer the best BPO contact centre services in various parts of the world. What we offer is a set of customized solutions to our customers across a wide set of verticals, including, energy, telecom, entertainment, etc. Get in touch with us to experience the best customer experience management.

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iSON Xperiences

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We'd love to hear from you

Leave your contact information in the box below and our team of experts will get in touch with you.