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You are better “Offshore” with us

Offshoring Offerings

Offshoring CX, Human Resources & Debt Management to Africa & India. The Offshoring Services Industry is predicted to be worth $546B by 2026, and a key to achieve transformation arbitrage objectives. Talent shortage is a top emerging risk, The Korn Ferry “Global Talent Crunch” study expects an 85-million-person shortage by 2030 which could equate to $8.5 trillion in unrealised revenues.

Offshoring is more prevalent now,
than ever before

Offshoring is more prevalent now, than ever before

The Offshoring Services Industry is predicted to be worth $546 billion by 2026. Companies are leveraging Offshoring to accelerate their transformation journey. Nike, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Shein, to name but a few, have achieved value from Offshoring. Gartner reported talent shortage as the top emerging risk for companies, and a Korn Ferry study called “Global Talent Crunch” expects an 85-million-person shortage by 2030 which could equate to $8.5 trillion in unrealised revenues. With our large talent pool in Africa, we can mitigate these pressing risks.

Therefore, large organisations, start-ups, small, and medium companies are appreciating the benefits of our Offshoring offerings, spanning:

In or Out?

When Should you Offshore?

Offshoring offers you flexibility without capex, by offering an opex based model to scale up or down to suit business requirements. Above all, the best time to Offshore is when you have stability in operations and you’re looking for increased efficiencies in operations and costs. Offshoring can also help expand your footprint and expedite transformation within your business. iSON Xperiences has proven credentials in helping our clients achieve these objectives.

Key factors to consider when choosing your location

How to choose the right offshoring location

Language affluence and accent influence

Access to an educated sustainable skills talent pool with a low propensity for attrition

Countries with reduced geo-political risk

Access to sophisticated telecoms infrastructure

Time zone friendliness to offer real-time solutions

Availability of Offshoring service providers with a proven, measurable track record, and firm footprint in the region

Tech savviness and ability to implement technology solutions to accelerate operational transformation

An attractive tax regime with abundant incentives offered to create jobs in offshore locations

Government support including trade policies, skills development incentives, approvals and permissions

“Out and About” our Offshoring Centres

Our Global Offshoring Footprint

Because location matters most.

Where are our Offshoring centres located and what do we offer?

With established Offshoring centres in five of the world’s most highly sought after Offshoring destinations, we have an established, upskilled workforce ready to serve your needs. Our established human resources operational centres ensure we can recruit, upskill and workforce manage, on demand, and at pace.

Impact sourcing has been the cornerstone of our “people first” vision and yes, location matters. Creating jobs in far flung places and making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we work with is evident always. We call it our X factor, with a resolute mission to improve the lives and livelihoods of 18 000+ employees, often with limited employment opportunities. Providing jobs close to where people live is our social commitment, making the world a better place, one person at a time. In turn our people reward us with great work, delivering  excellence to our clients, and our client’s customers, and for this we are thankful.

Reasons to Offshore to India:

There are a “hundred billion and one reasons” to offshore to India: The numbers tell the story

Key processes delivered:

Reasons to Offshore to South Africa:

South Africa is the second highest desired offshoring jurisdiction in the world

Key processes delivered:

Reasons to Offshore to Egypt:

Egypt’s goal is to be the land of offshoring

Key processes delivered:

Reasons to Offshore to Ghana:

A stable democracy, peaceful political environment and popular offshoring alternative to asian countries

Key processes delivered:

Reasons to Offshore to Kenya:

Kenya has a Future-forward Blueprint to Create One Million BPO Offshoring Jobs by 2028

Key processes delivered:

Reasons to Offshore to Rwanda:

Je t’aime Rwanda: Why are the French in Love with Rwanda?

Key processes delivered:

South Africa
English | Dutch
English | French
English | German Spanish | Italian
Talent & Impact Sourcing
Large pool of unemployed graduate talent: 270 000 plus people work in the industry, with ambitions to grow to 775 000 by 2030
Skilled, highly trained and tech savvy with a strong affinity for Western cultures, understanding diverse nuances and communication styles
Eager young workforce keen to learn and breeding ground for skilled software developers
Ranked 2nd in Africa for English competency are recognised with skillsets in IT, customer service, finance, and human resources, with one of the largest refugee populations in Africa, according to the UN, BPO is paving the way to create jobs for refugees
A large talent pool with over 600 000 graduates, representing a young and educated workforce with ambitions to add 215 000 jobs over the next 5 years to the BPO sector
50% of the 1.5 billion population are under 25 with the 3rd largest higher education system in the world, and 2nd largest English-speaking nation
No restrictions
No restrictions
No restrictions
No restrictions
VoIP services are blocked in Egypt. Recently iSON Xperiences received approval to use VoIP for international clients
No restrictions
Time Zone
GMT+2 Daylight Saving Time from April to October GMT+3
Geo-Political Risk
Privacy Compliance

Outsource and smart shore almost everything to an agile and digitally enabled location abroad

About our offshoring delivery success

Our expert leaders and 18 000+ skills pool, have been serving blue-chip clients spanning Telecom, Banking and Finance, Broadcasting and Entertainment, Retail and E-Commerce, Government, Travel, Leisure, and Utilities clients for more than a decade. This is amplified by our presence in 19 countries, and capability to communicate in over 44 languages, across 35 operational sites, with 500 million+ customers under our watch.

Our smart shoring and shared service centres are digitally enabled to afford you flexible workload solutions with interoperable systems and global scale to outsource your services to a global talent pool, run sunset strategies, seasonal peaks and/or respond to unforeseen circumstances so you can react quickly and scale rapidly.

We analyse your workflows, automate the mundane and repetitive tasks, and then segment the other tasks to be completed in the best onshore, nearshore and offshore locations, according to your skills, compliance and technology needs. Our smart shoring solutions combine offshore, nearshore and onshore models into one business model for a seamless approach to harness talent, manage risk and serve your customers in the best possible way with the best possible talent and technology.

Our balance of traditional and sophisticated digital offshoring services span:

Xperience (CX)
Contact Centre
Human Resources
Credit Management and
Debt Collection
Business Process
Business Analytics
and Insights
Data Security
and Compliance

Our proven Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Track-record to Scale your Businesses and Transform without Compromise

Transform your BPO Processes with every Imaginable Tech Tool in our Expert Hands

Everest Group ranked us among the top global CXM players in Africa. Our flexible enablement platform for businesses that need help to scale up their workforce, daily business operations, or debt collection solutions, and/or to expand their footprint in Africa, coupled with our established presence in some of the world’s most highly rated Offshoring destinations, ensures we are perfectly placed and trusted by leading companies to:

Reduce geo-political risk

Lower labour costs

Offer a 24/7 solution

Leverage tax benefits and incentives

Access qualified tech savvy and competent talent

Deliver services across time zones

Save on operational costs including rental, utilities, and telecoms costs

Deliver sustainable scalability for business as usual and business “unusual”

Deliver on their impact sourcing priorities, creating jobs, and achieving gender equality

Reduce geo-political risk

Offer a 24/7 solution

Access qualified tech savvy and competent talent

Save on operational costs including rental, utilities, and telecoms costs

Lower labour costs

Leverage tax benefits and incentives

Deliver services across time zones

Deliver sustainable scalability for business as usual and business “unusual”

Deliver on their impact sourcing priorities, creating jobs, and achieving gender equality

Our Awards and Accolades

iSON Xperiences ranked by Everest Group among the top global CXM Players 2023: Africa on the Rise CXM 2023 Report

Offshoring accolades for Africa and India include Ryan Advisory's Most Favoured Global Offshore CX Delivery Awards 2023*

India globally ranked 1st

South Africa ranked 2nd overall and 1st by North American CX Decision Makers

Rwanda ranked 1st by French CX decision makers

Egypt ranked 1st by German CX decision makers

Outsource your Offshoring

Let us build your offshoring centre for you

We have made it our business to achieve our client’s transformation arbitrage objectives. Avoid the headaches of registering your business, procuring premises, sourcing, recruiting, and training staff, procuring equipment and IT infrastructure, and incurring costs of professional services. With our established presence in 19 countries, we can swiftly make one of our existing operating centers yours.

Get access to the Ryan Strategic Advisory case study

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Why India?

Google, Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, Cisco, Dell, Oracle, HP, and American Express are, but a handful of the companies, Offshoring their work to India. Hence, impacting hundreds of millions of users and customers globally. Aside from their hallmarks of “quality work” and a “can-do” attitude, there are a “hundred billion and one reasons” to Offshore to India.

Why South Africa?

In addition, having held first place in 2022, South Africa remains North American’ contact centre decision maker’s firm favourite, and very popular among British and Australian CX Services buyers. It has been suggested that South Africa is 60-70% more cost effective than the UK and Australia.

Furthermore, 270 000 plus people work in the industry, with ambitions to grow to 775 000 by 2030. BMW, Samsung, GE, and Amazon are, a few of the global brands, reaping the benefits of the South African Offshoring offerings. When Amazon accessed the skills, technology, and large well-educated talent pool in South Africa they realised they could ramp up quickly and efficiently.

Why Egypt?

Egypt is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing Offshoring destinations and recognised for their multi-lingual CX delivery prowess. Over the next 4 years they are focused on tripling export revenue through digitally-enabled Offshoring services. Ranked in the top five most favoured Offshore CX delivery locations, Egypt was rated first by German respondents.

Similarly, Amazon, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Nestle, Vodafone, General Motors, Allianz, Intel, Novartis, Valeo, and more, are leveraging Offshoring solutions from Egypt, in consideration of these factors:

Why Ghana?

Situated in West Africa, with English as the official language of Ghana, Ghanaians are culturally known for their hospitable demeanor, strong work ethic and unwavering integrity, which are just some of the great reasons for CX Offshoring to Ghana. Not to be confused with their rich” oil and gas offshoring” activities, Ghana is steadily gaining recognition in the ”Outsourcing - Offshoring” sector. Companies like Procter & Gamble, Uber, and Pizza Hut are committed to creating jobs and growing the Ghanaian economy.

Why Kenya?

The Kenyan government is resolute in leveraging BPO opportunities for significant economic impact. Kenyans are known for their empathy and understanding of Western culture, and consequent affinity for UK and US customers.

Why Rwanda?

Rwanda was voted as the most favoured destination for French CX managers for the second year in a row. In addition, Rwanda is among the top three African countries in terms of internet connectivity. Situated in East Africa, Rwanda is resolute in developing its’ ICT infrastructure and ICT skills. They attribute their Offshoring successes, thus far, to the collaboration between government and the private sector.