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Strategies of building value
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Celebrating our triumph in the SBIC Partner Recognition contest

Our Noida team’s collective efforts shone as iSON Xperiences emerged victorious in the Partner Recognition Contest, organised by SBIC. This contest aimed to celebrate the outstanding contributions of partners, focusing on last week’s performance in collection metrics.

In this specific category that recognises Last Week Performance on Collection Metrics, our Collection Team proudly secured the top spot. Our success during the contest period, from 26th to 31st August, is attributed to the focused performance of each team member. The award ceremony, held on 11th January 2024, marked a moment of pride for us all when we walked away with the Marathon Week Aug’23 Award.

The key highlights included achieving a collection of ₹1.11 Cr against a target of ₹1.15 Cr, securing the top rank and showcasing the competence of our Recovery team members. This accomplishment significantly contributes to our business objectives, aligning with our goals of strengthening partnerships, gaining market recognition, and enhancing our brand reputation.

Congratulations to the Noida team. We look forward to seeing you continue on this winning streak.

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iSON Xperiences

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