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iSON Xperiences welcomes EC Outsourcing to the family

A shifting landscape: iSON Xperiences’ venture from Africa to Europe

We all know that Africa is emerging as an upcoming and fast-growing delivery destination in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space. Up to now, whatever little offshoring business has come to Africa has done so through some Western-based BPOs setting up operations in African countries like South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya.

iSON Xperiences is rewriting the script on the BPO landscape.  As Africa’s leading BPO player, having presence in 16 African countries, also providing offshore services, iSON Xperiences has taken a bold and firm step by extending its reach from Africa into the United Kingdom and Europe by acquiring EC Outsourcing, a UK based BPO, founded in 2013,

Pravin Kumar, the Global CEO of iSON Xperiences, explains the strategic significance of the EC Outsourcing deal. “This acquisition is the first step in expanding our reach into the West, starting with the UK. Our objective is to be present in the UK & European Markets and grow the offshoring opportunity from some of the most attractive CX offshoring destinations such as South Africa, India, Egypt, Kenya, and Rwanda, to begin with.  The African BPO space is diverse, vibrant, and bursting with potential. We have a young, passionate and tech-savvy workforce eager to connect with the world, offering a unique blend of talent and affordability. 

Kumar adds, “The EC Outsourcing deal presented iSON Xperiences with an ideal way to build our base in the UK and European regions, especially in the Energy & Utilities space. We took over the EC Outsourcing business knowing they had a well-established management team familiar with the market.”

Through this acquisition, iSON Xperiences aims to establish its presence in the UK and Europe, showcasing itself as a leading African BPO champion. This allows potential clients to collaborate directly with an African entity that possesses an in-depth understanding of the continent’s delivery landscape, facilitating seamless BPO services from Africa.

This is set against the backdrop of iSON Xperiences’ steady expansion over the past decade, establishing operations in 19 countries across Africa, India, and the Middle East. The vision to become a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) prompted iSON Xperiences to explore new territories, moving beyond familiar ground in Africa. 

Phil Westoby, Managing Director of EC Outsourcing, acknowledges the promise of this alliance, stating, “Partnering with iSON Xperiences marks an exciting chapter for our team. We look forward to leveraging their experience to enhance our service offerings and provide cost-efficient, world class, digitally empowered solutions to our clients in UK and through offshore destinations.”

The synergy between iSON Xperiences and EC Outsourcing’s seasoned management team, boasting over two decades of industry experience, created a powerful narrative of collaboration and growth.  With this strategic move, iSON Xperiences intends to bridge the geographical gap between Africa, UK and Europe, bringing a unique perspective and value proposition to the European market.

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iSON Xperiences

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