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Strategies of building value
for customer retention

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Ways to Improve Back-Office Operations

It won’t be wrong to say that the COVID 19 pandemic has forced everybody, including million-dollar businesses, to rethink their back-office business strategies. Companies who have been well-entrenched in the Customer Services business for many years have all felt the impact of the pandemic as it accelerated digital adoption in seismic proportions. Customers expect personalised experiences and solutions whenever they want, and wherever they are. And that is unlikely to change.

As organisations seek better ways to connect with their customer base, the need also arises to enhance back-office operations in order to plant a smile on the faces of their customers and callers.

People in operations center talking on Landline phone. Operators in the office.

Here are a few proven productivity tips for companies looking to improve their back-office operations and setup:

Enhance Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to efficient customer satisfaction. Connecting with your customer is key. It’s not just about making and receiving customer calls. It is the experience that counts. Engage your customers during these tough times and provide them with a solution that’s reliable and efficient. Also, have an omni-channel communication network in place. Let the customers use whichever communication platform that they wish to use in order to communicate with the company. Be it social media, email or telephone.

Remote Working

If the business environment allows, Contact Centre Agents can be set up to work remotely. They will be able to work in a much better way that usual if they are made to work from home. There are several employees who need hours in order to travel from home to the workplace. Providing all of these employees with an opportunity to work (take calls) from home would allow them to work in a largely flexible manner. Wi-Fi connectivity has made inroads into people’s homes. This is where a CX management executive will be able to get in touch with his callers and customers in a better way than usual. A CX management executive working from home will be able to rid himself of the perils of 9-5 culture. Plus, this practice will help keep the perils associated with the COVID 19 infection at bay.

Communicate, Communicate and Communicate

Communication is the key because if you do not communicate with your customer, you will never be able to make inroads into their mind. There are companies who make use of omni-channel communication frameworks in order to stay connected with customers. The idea is to provide the customers with multiple touch points in order to get in touch with the company. This practice does go a long way in enhancing a customer’s experience. If they can get in touch with the company over a wide set of platforms, then they will always be at ease. If the telephone does not work, he can approach the company over the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The key is to allow the employees and customers to connect in order to give rise to a memorable and efficient customer experience. At iSON Xperiences, this is exactly what we always strive to achieve.

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iSON Xperiences

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We'd love to hear from you

Leave your contact information in the box below and our team of experts will get in touch with you.